We are a San Francisco product design & development company. We build better products by combining a science-inspired creative process with a team of talented professionals.

Alem•bic, n. \e-’lem-bik\
An apparatus used in distillation, alembic is used metaphorically for anything that refines or transmutes, as if by distillation (as in “the alembic of creative thought”).


The Founding Members

David Covell, Co-Founder & CEO
He's a product builder, clever marketer and proven leader of beloved brands and healthy businesses. He's got great taste and design instincts. He led the development and successful launch of the first Hearth product, the Lounge.

Britt Hull, Co-Founder & Creative Director
She's a design powerhouse who's created award-winning designs for brands like Levi's and Coca-Cola at the renowned Turner Duckworth. She is adept at managing teams through the creative process to deliver awesome results. She's recently been published for her interior design work for several San Francisco restaurants.

The Advisory Board

Craig Roberts, Architectural Advisor
Partner at Hart-Howerton in San Francisco whose notable projects include Kukio, Mirabel, Palmetto Bluff, El Dorado and the Santa Lucia Preserve.

Will Winkelstein, Business Strategy Advisor
Marketing executive at Salesforce with decades of experience as an entrepreneur and executive at companies like MTV, E*TRADE, Skype.

Stefano Schiavon, Science & Engineering Advisor
Assistant professor at UC Berkeley with a PhD in energy and mechanical engineering who's focus is energy-efficient ways to improve health, comfort and productivity.

Dave Ferrari, Sales Advisor
President at One Workplace managing distribution, finance, sales and services organization. One Workplace is the country's largest Steelcase distributor.

Paul Rosen, Business Strategy Advisor
Founder and CEO of Skypad Inc., a custom contract furniture provider to some of the world's finest luxury hotels, restaurants and showrooms. He is also CEO of PharmaCan Capital Corp and has held leadership positions at several successful start-up companies.


A line of heated outdoor furniture informed by science, designed for comfort, durability and beauty.

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